Pentasphere "A Portal for Angels"

Pentasphere has 6 rings instead of four as it is used in Genesa Crystal, which makes it a completely different Sacred Geometric Shape. It is a very exceptional powerful tool but also a beautiful work of art.

Pentasphere links us directly to our higher-self, to the Angel realm, it helps us to be guided and connected. Pentasphere assists us during meditations, astral travels, channelling, visualisation processes, relaxation and healing (to mention just a few...). 
According to our own experience as well as our clients, when you receive your Pentasphere for the first time, the very first reaction is a deep cellular cleansing from ancient negative memories, trauma, etc... It's a very gentle process but on a very deep level. You can experience some dreams from previous life's, have some sudden awareness rises, you can feel tired and wan to sleep more... to finally feel overwhelmed with peace and wholeness just after a very few days... It's due to it's powerful action on our cell vibration assisting them in the powerful ascension process.

Apart from assisting a spiritual growth, Pentasphere significantly raising our vibration, becomes a powerful tool for rejuvenating and healing processes. When our cells raise their vibration, illness and ageing must disappear and health, vitality and youth must take their place.
You can place a Pentasphere near to a suffering person (physically or emotionally) to assist their healing process (some spontaneous healing cases were reported) or keep it close to you (near your bed) while sleeping  or during meditation to prevent your cells from any damage and to maintain a very high vibration.

For us, Pentasphere is like an Angel, a close Spiritual Guide that you can "talk to" and ask any question, and can demand some help for your everyday life problems as well as to be guided on your spiritual growth process. Just watch carefully, answers will gently but abundantly flow to you, don't miss them in your everyday rush!

While you would use the Genesa Crystal to cleanse, balance and amplify energy of your body, your home, garden, place where you work..., you would use Pentasphere to ground Universal Energy for healing and spiritual growth.
Pentasphere's unique shape and beauty as well as tender and loving energy can take your breath away... It's a very special piece of Sacred Art that emanates beauty, piece, love and light everywhere when it's placed.   You can also put your water inside your Pentasphere to raise it's vibration and to drink a pure living water.

We offer this unique Sacred Geometry Form in pure copper in many sizes. Pentaspheres are always realised in your intention after you order. Their realisation demands some deep and powerful channelling capacities as well as very precise artistic abilities. Our Pentaspheres are hand crafted and activated especially for you becoming your very personal and powerful healing and spiritual tool.
The time needed to create every individual piece can differ, your order will be dispatched from under 5 to 15 days.
The price includes international shipping. (For French clients please go here: Sacred Forms)
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