samedi 30 avril 2016

Our new blog is growing !!!

We've just change the platform and Sacred Raw Food website and blog can be visited already here: Sacred Raw Food
I've just posted a new article: What I ate today (LFHC Raw Vegan), please Visit our new place!
The hole website is still under construction, but blog is already ready!
See you soon.
With fruit love

mercredi 27 avril 2016

The protein myth, facts revealed

Many of us are still worrying about getting enough protein in their diet. If you want to know the truth about protein please watch this very instructory video that reveals all the truth about this subject.

I hope you will enjoy
Have a fruity day

dimanche 27 mars 2016

Blending or juicing?

It's a very common question for health diet seekers. Should I drink juices or smoothies?Which one is better, which one is more healthy?
The truth is that everything has it's place on the Earth, every concept has something to give us... I love them both, but there are some significant differences and we will give you a science grounded information and our (as well as other raw foodist's) experience about the subject.

Smoothies are made with blender, the fruit and some green leaves are blended whole (no fat, no avocado, no almond milk please!) with some liquid like water or coconut water or even orange juice. All nutrients, fibre and water are blended in and our body can profit from all that richness. Juices are made with juice extractor (centrifugal or cold-press) and all fibre is separated from the produce. That's the first and the most important difference!

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One or other helps eating more fruit and vegetables and that's great! Juices need more produce than smoothies to get the same volume of liquid. According to some research, the absence of fibre helps assimilate more nutrients, but the opposite is proven as well. The fact is that the sugar from fruit juices is assimilated too fast and can create some sort of shock in your system. That's why fruit juices, too rich in sugar, tend to de-mineralise your body. Green juices, on the other hand, can be very helpful if you're eating not enough vegetables in your diet. It can be an excellent thing to press the juice from very fibrous vegetables like celery, parsley, kale, fennel, swiss chard, etc. But vegetable juices contain very little calories and cannot replace a whole meal. As far as fruit is concerned, only citrus juice is very rich in it's natural fibre. When you press oranges you can see by yourself that all that you throw away is the skin! It's not at all the same with apples, pears or pineapple.
Smoothies are, on the contrary, a whole meal. You cannot live on juices only for the whole life, but you can totally thrive on green and fruit smoothies alone!
From my experience, and we are eating raw 80/10/10 style since years now, whenever we drink a lot of juices (every morning for example), we feel more tired, our digestion is more sluggish, we have less energy and we sleep more, my skin tends to be very dry as well. I love green juices and I drink them from time to time, but I don't base my nutrition on juices and greens.
I asked for some opinion on this very contradictory subject Dr Douglas Graham and he explained that juices are ok if your diet is more SAD like and it will be an improvement, but for the raw vegan low fat diet lovers who eat principally whole fruit and veggies, juice is a step back, it's no longer a whole food. I do strongly agree with his opinion and my body just show me the path...
I do enjoy a lot of orange juice lately, sometimes with barley grass juice powder mixed in and a couple of times per week we are doing a green juice (mostly cucumber and celery) before we're doing some sport and we have our regular breakfast later. In that order it works very well. But I also love snacking on cucumber and celery along with my lunch fruit plate, with or without juice I have a lot of them.
The whole fruit is even more nutritious in my opinion: it gives you not only vitamins, minerals, fibre, calories, protein and good fat (yes fruit has a little bit of fat as well) but also a perfectly structured water by Nature itself. Fruit carries a very high vibration from the Sun and introduces this vibrant and pure Energy into our cells as well. It's not just excellent cell nutrition but also a whole nutrition for our mind, for our emotions, for our soul...

As therapists, fruit based diet helps us today being very clear-sighted and accurate... What's more, Abel is able to "channel" energy to Sacred Forms in order to make them active and powerful for you and it's VERY demanding mission.
For me, eating fruit helped me recover from a very severe Crone disease that almost killed me in my early twenties... Today I have ENERGY to work, do some sport, my cycle is back and very regular since and I feel so vibrant and joyful...
To sum up: juice is not growing in the Nature... but the whole fruit is! You treat yourself with it's awesome flesh and you sow it's seed. The Life goes on... For me it has a lot of sense.
Have some smoothie, have some juice!

With lot's of love
Karolina and Abel
And what do you prefer? Juice or smoothie?

Juicing for Health

samedi 23 janvier 2016

A recipe from Abel

Today We want to share with you a new recipe specially crated for you par Abel. 
This recipe is done with raw peanuts. It's a quite unique treat and we don't eat it often, but from time to time it's good to change a little bit... Every new product gives you some different nutritional value and we like to introduce something new during long winter months...
The taste of raw peanuts is very different from the grilled and salted ones. When raw they have some raw sweat potato after-taste, a little bit starchy, but it's quite nice with orange juice and some spices.

Raw peanut salad dressing

INGREDIENTS for 2 to 4 servings:
  • 1/4 cup of raw peanuts
  • 1 big orange (juice only)
  • 2 thin slices of leak 
  • 1 tbs of garlic chives (or green onion)
  • 1/2 tsp of French old-fashioned mustard
  • salt and pepper if you wish
Put all ingredients into your blender and blend well adding some more water if necessary. Serve with salads or even rice, steamed vegetables, etc...
This recipe was done with Vitamix S30. (you can get it here with 2 x 600ml cups and 1x 1L200 cup, get your 5% discount with the code "YIEPXA".)

Have a nice weekend!
Karolina et Abel

dimanche 10 janvier 2016

Green Salad Dressing (HCLF)

Today we wanted to share with you a Salad Dressing recipe from our new book "Saucez Cru" that at the moment is available in French, but we will try to translate it into English as well. If you understand French, this book is available in a print and ebook form. You will find there more than 50 recipes that will completely transform your meals... No oil or vinegar is used but instead you will find only whole foods, lots of colour and taste! They are very low fat, but you can adjust all recipes to your liking, you can add some salt or completely omit it... This dressing collection can be useful for all raw enthusiasts, but also vegans, on a starch based diet, on Raw Till 4 or even on a standard diet. They will help you to add some vibrant and nutrient rich sauce to your daily meal plan.
I received my print copy just before Christmas and I can tell you that it's always a deep emotion to touch your book for the first time...

But let's come back to the recipe. This dressing it's a green sauce. It's raw, vegan, low fat and very nutrient dense. Spinach, parsley and some hemp seeds are at the centre of this recipe. Even if you can make this recipe completely fat free, I used some hemps seeds to add some more omega 3 and 6 and some good quality protein. I love hemps seeds from time to time in my salads. I find them very easy to digest and "lighter" than other nuts and seeds. I get my hemps seeds by 1 kg bags and keep them in the fridge, one bag can last for months...

Green Salad Dressing (HCLF Vegan)

  • juice of 1 orange
  • 1/2tsp French organic mustard (optional)
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 1 cup of spinach (packed) 
  • small piece of sweat onion
  • 1TBS of Hemp Seeds
  • salt and pepper if you wish
Put everything into your blender (we recommend a Vitamix S30 that has convenient small containers) and blend well. Serve immediately over a raw salad or even rice, potatoes or steamed vegetables.

Viamix S30, we are testing it at the moment and will talk about it very soon!!!
Do you like this recipe? Let us know!
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Have a very nice and green week!
Karolina and Abel

mardi 5 janvier 2016

Our Christmas table...

Do you still think that vegan food is boring and not very feast-like?
Just have a look at our Raw Vegan Christmas table! We were just 2 (our Family is far away, so we shared the evening only via Skype).

We had a hot soup as a starter, I "infuse" some vegetable in hot water and serve it over some raw mushrooms, etc... We don't eat cooked vegetables from the broth, so it's just like a warming tea. It's really excellent.


Then we had agar-agar based vegetable jelly,

And a low fat agar-agar based cashew nut herb cheese:

We also enjoyed a cultured almond cheese and lots of salads and greens with low fat salad dressings:

After that dinner we were rather full and satisfied, but later in the evening we shared a new low fat chocolate tart (recipe soon!). It was divine!

 I hope you enjoyed this small peak into our raw vegan Christmas table...
And you? What did you have for Christmas? Please comment and share...

Excellent new year full of Joy and Health
Karolina and Abel