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We are Karolina and Abel living now in North-Western France. 

Karolina and Abel

Above all we are holistic therapists guiding people towards their better self and helping them to develop all their beautiful capacities. We give together Holistic Life Consultations by Skype.
We are also authors of many books about a raw vegan low fat diet (in French and in English) and we are vegetarians since more that 20 years and now we follow a low fat raw vegan diet since almost 10 years. This unique diet helped us to heal our bodies and to develop a very clear conscious and energy that enable us to spread a natural healing energy to others... this diet changed our entire life!
We are regularly teaching cooking classes and workshops at home. We are one of the pioneers of a Raw Food in France, that this approach is still very little known here...

our fruit haul

Abel is also practising the Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massages and is creating Sacred Forms. On his path, a raw food diet helped him to develop a huge sensitivity to subtle energies and with a time he was guided by Devas (Spirits of Nature) to put on place the Sacred Forms. Their realisation demands a huge energy and concentration. We understood that the raw food diet supports him in the process of transmitting energy to the pure copper Sacred Forms...

Genesa Crystal
Today we decide to spread our experience with even more people and we are very happy to create this English Blog. I hope you will enjoy!

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