dimanche 25 octobre 2015

What we ate today... HCLF raw vegan

We invite you to join us for a one day of a raw vegan diet (if you are not already on that journey!). This is an example of a fully raw day from last week. I hope it will be some inspiration for you.

To start the day

It's excellent to drink a lot of water in the morning, to hydrate and flush out all toxins from your body. We usually take between 500ml to 1L of warm water in the morning with or without a few drops of lemon juice. I like to put my glass into my Pentaspere for at least 30 min. or a whole night before drinking it to re-energise the water to it's living structure. Pentasphere is an excellent healing tool that boost your cells to find their natural divine vibration, it's purifies the cells from all ancient negative memories and charges and guides us to reveal our all potential here on earth. Pentaspere is also called "the Door of Angels" (or for the Angels) and connects us directly with the higher frequencies and the harmonious whole of the Universe as well as our guides and personal Angels.


We looove green smoothies in the morning. Each of us has it's own recipe selection. I'm not a big fan of bananas (at least what's available here...) so my smoothies are quite versatile, Abel is more spinach and banana lover. Green Smoothies are full of nutrients and fibre, but also of good calories and protein. I share with you today my morning recipe of this week.

Green "Grapes and Raisins" smoothie

  • I cup sweet purple grapes (here it's muscat variety)
  • 4 fresh mozafati dates 
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1 handful of parsley
  • 1 Tsp of barley grass juice powder
  • 1tsp Klamath Algea
  • 1 1/2 cup water (or more if desired)
Put everything into your Vitamix blender and blend well. Serve.
You can add some bananas if you wish to make that smoothie more calorie dense.


For lunch I had a plate of persimmons. I love persimmons, even if we don't have many varieties here. I like them very soft, almost liquid and mixed with parsley. Persimmons are a wonderful autumn - winter fruit rich in calories and vitamins. Abel took his second banana/spinach smoothie and some pears.



We like to have some fruit as a snack before dinner. It helps us to feel satisfied with vegetable based salad with some whole plant fat in it (sometimes without). Fruit adds some additional calories. I had 3 apples and some grapes and Abel 3 more bananas.


In the evening we had very large salads with fresh greens (curly endive and feuilles de chêne lettuce) served with broccoli-carrot-fresh herb "couscous" and a bit of our pear "mayonnaise" (the recipe is in our french ebook "Le Cru Festif"). It was just a haven! 

raw vegan "couscous"

Pear low fat "Mayonnaise" (we had a white version without spirulina)
What do you have for dinner? You prefer Raw or Cooked?

You don't know how to start or how to progress on your Raw Vegan health path? Our Question Answer session is there just for you!

Have a fruity day!
Karolina and Abel