jeudi 20 août 2015

Grapes, raw food and a mono-diet

Grape season is coming! I love sweet, crispy, juicy and colourful grapes. The best variety of the beginning of the season here in France are Cardinal grapes. They are round, big, deep purple colour and sweet.

Here in France a mono-diet of grapes is very popular amongst people that are organic food enthusiasts. There are even special boxes marked "cure de raisins" at the Whole Foods (here the chain names Biocoop).
Fruit stays in general an expensive treat in France and it is not a paradise here for a raw foodist, but grapes are at least worth it's price!
Grapes are a real superfood! They are very rich in phytonutrients (more than 15 different components). Grapes have a very active antioxidant power due to their rich vitamins content and mineral profile but also some more unusual nutrients like: resveratrol. They have a powerful anti-inflammatory action, are very purifying and detoxifying but at the same time are very nutritious! Unfortunately, it's more in the bitter skin and seeds that we can find all of that precious nutrients.
How to benefit from grapes? I love blending them in the nutritious smoothies, where skins and seeds can be pulverised for me. I do also like mono-meal on them or snack when I'm hungry. I love grapes as a treat before my evening meal. Sometimes I add some grapes to a green juice (I don't juice very often...), but it's rather an expensive technique... Why not add them even to an evening salad as well?

To properly clean the body, nothing more simple than mono-meal on grapes (with skin and seeds!) for a few days. A grape island can last from 1 to 14 days! It's very helpful to change varieties throughout that period to have more nutrients and more pleasure. You eat in general from 1 to 3 kg of grapes enjoying them on 5 to 6 smaller meals per day (but you can have some more...). The results are marvellous!

And to sum up, a green sweet smoothie recipe:

Green Grape Smoothie

2 cups of grapes
1 to 2 pears
1 cup of spinach leaves
1tsp spirulina powder (optional)

Put all ingredients into your Vitamix blender and blend well! Enjoy!

Have a fruity day!

mercredi 12 août 2015

Food and consciousness - YouTube

Food and consciousness!

I invite you to have a look at that video, where very interesting topics are covered. 

Food and consciousness - YouTube

Since we started eating a raw vegan low fat diet our consciousness widely expanded. It's thanks to this life style that we are able to create Sacred Forms and to be clear-sighted therapists that can see and feel right away how to help the person that comes for help... Every time that we have some cooked food, a bit of sugar, etc... when we eat out, we feel it right away that this food doesn't support nor our body neither our mind...

The pure vegan and raw diet helps us to grow every single day more and more...

Have a fruity day

Karolina and Abel