mercredi 29 juillet 2015

What we ate today (low fat raw vegan)

Every now and then we will share here "what we ate today" to give you an idea about raw vegan low fat living style in Europe. Of course it would be extremely nice to live in the tropics and that's our goal for the future, but now we are here and we will are hope to inspire you and assure you that staying raw in colder climates is still possible.

We started our day with our daily big green smoothie. Mine (smaller) was based on peaches and dates with "chénopode multicolore" (lamb's quarters variety that is bigger and tender than the wild one and that you can easily grow on your own till december frosts) from our garden and Abel had his classic banana/spinach smoothie. We add daily a scoop of barley grass juice powder to our morning smoothies to boost up the mineral content of our meals.

Peach/Lamb's quarters smoothie
For lunch we shared a big melon, then we shared 3 Pakistan mangoes. I completed my meal by a few ripe apricots and Abel had another green banana/spinach smoothie.

Kent and Pakistan Mangoes
Later in the afternoon I had a few white peaches as a snack. In the evening (we dinner very early about 6h30-7h) I had a big green salad from the garden with tomatoes, yellow squash and hemp seed/tomato sauce. Abel still wanted another banana/spinach smoothie and he had a similar salad later in the evening.

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Have a fruity day!
Karolina and Abel
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