Genesa Crystal

Genesa Crystal for Clearing space 
Genesa Crystal is a Sacred Form that is a powerful tool to balance energies of the place (home, garden, office, studio, study, meditation room, enterprise...). It will clarify all disharmonies by spreading a powerful pure energy of unconditional love. It was first used to work with plants in gardens (Perelandra and Findhorn are known the most). According to teachings of Machaelle Small Wright we can use Genesa Crystal in many more areas in our life:

Purifies and balances energies
It can be also used as a powerful Feng Shui balancer.
From our own experience, our clients that use Genesa Crystal at home or work office find the relationships deeply improved. They feel the co-creative power of the Genesa positively influencing others as well.

Manifestation tool
But most of all it is your personal tool of manifestation and healing. Genena Crystal assists you to clarify your desires, to guide you on the path to their full manifestation in the physical realm by amplifying energies and intentions.

Deep relaxation and protection
This wonderful piece of art can also assist you during meditation, relaxation and visualisation process but also protect you while you're working, gardening or travelling...

Mother Earth healig
Genesa Crystal as well as Pentasphere have healing properties for Mother Earth. They help to elevate and clean the energy and vibration of the planet. Purchasing a Sacred Form will not only help manifesting wonderful things in your life but will also help the process of healing of the entire Earth including plants, animals and humans.

Genesa Crystal will benefit everyone! Family members will develop deeper relations with each other, gardeners will co-create and be guided by the Spirits of Nature, plants and animals will grow better, business owners will increase the flow of success, healers will amplify their intentions for a deeper healing of their clients, children will feel protected, secured and guided...

You don't need any special rituals to work with Genesa, it will simply co-create with you in a very loving and natural way. However you can put Genesa close to you or keep in in your hands during your meditation session.

Each Genesa Crystal that we offer is unique work of art hand-crafted in pure copper by
Abel. Abel is a therapist and visioner and each piece is made in a co-creation with Nature Spirits during a very deep meditation process. Each piece is pure and very powerful but is also a beautiful piece of art. We offer many sizes so you can explore them and feel which one attracts you most in oredr you choose the most appropriate dimension for you. Bigger doesn't mean better, they have just very personal and unique frequencies.  You can also contact us if you wish a unique size, maybe we will be able to create a special size for you.

Currently propose 4 sizes (diameter), each price includes already an international shipping. You can safely order and pay your Genesa Crystal via PayPal.


If your are from France, please order here: French Customers

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