mardi 5 janvier 2016

Our Christmas table...

Do you still think that vegan food is boring and not very feast-like?
Just have a look at our Raw Vegan Christmas table! We were just 2 (our Family is far away, so we shared the evening only via Skype).

We had a hot soup as a starter, I "infuse" some vegetable in hot water and serve it over some raw mushrooms, etc... We don't eat cooked vegetables from the broth, so it's just like a warming tea. It's really excellent.


Then we had agar-agar based vegetable jelly,

And a low fat agar-agar based cashew nut herb cheese:

We also enjoyed a cultured almond cheese and lots of salads and greens with low fat salad dressings:

After that dinner we were rather full and satisfied, but later in the evening we shared a new low fat chocolate tart (recipe soon!). It was divine!

 I hope you enjoyed this small peak into our raw vegan Christmas table...
And you? What did you have for Christmas? Please comment and share...

Excellent new year full of Joy and Health
Karolina and Abel

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